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Left-wing MoveOn.org Panics: Obama’s Losing

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via TheDC:

“Think Obama’s a shoo-in?,” the group writes in their letter. “Think again. Romney is ahead in a whole series of recent polls.”

MoveOn lamented that in 8 out of 16 national polls released last month, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is in the lead. The RealClearPolitics average currently has Obama leading Romney by three percentage points — 47.7 percent to 44.7 percent.

The liberal cheerleading group’s email, however, was more about fundraising than political prognosticating. It asked for donations toward a $200,000 fund to run social media campaigns in the months leading up to the November election.

The email warned that the presidential election will be a super PAC money fight — falsely implying that only conservatives use super PACs — but that online messaging can level the playing field.

“You see, today a single YouTube video can get more attention than a big-budget TV campaign. And people are far more likely to be persuaded by something shared by a friend than what they see on TV. That’s where we come in,” the message explained.



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