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Krauthammer: Obama “Believes Big Government Is The Answer To Every Problem”

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Of course he does.

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“What I think the president is portraying with this statement where he says about the public sector workers is his belief they are equivalent to private sector jobs,” syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said about President Obama’s comment last week, calling the private sector doing fine. “If you have, say, the private sector is okay or somewhat stalled and you want to buff it up increasing the number of the government bureaucrats who are hired and that’s really what he believes.”

“Whereas a private sector job is job where the government doesn’t have to put a penny in and it gets revenue from the taxes, where the public sector job is somebody who lives entirely off other people who are working, off their taxes. It’s hugely different. We can see in Europe the meltdown of the council members from Greece to Portugal, Spain and Italy, which hugely expanded the public sector as a way to provide employment and they are in collapse,” Krauthammer said on FOX News tonight.

“But this is what he believes. Now he will say on the stump as you showed in the sound bite, oh yes, if he is hit on debt and deficit, ‘I’m a guy who wants to shrink government.’ That’s obviously a contradiction and I think it’s obviously insincere. He believes big government is the answer to just about every problem, including employment,” Krauthammer said on the panel segment of “Special Report.”


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