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Obama Campaign Doubles Down On Bain Attacks

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After all, it’s not unlike Barack Obama to beat a dead horse.  These attacks aren’t working, and even Democrats have backed away from it.  So, I guess, keep up the good work.

via: The Hill

President Obama is doubling down on his strategy to bash Mitt Romney’s record as CEO of Bain Capital despite squeamishness and even criticism from fellow Democrats.

Obama on Friday called Romney an “outsourcing pioneer,” keying off a report in The Washington Post that found Bain Capital owned companies at the vanguard of the corporate outsourcing trend in the 1980s.

Obama’s campaign followed up with a Web video Friday featuring deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter criticizing Romney from profiting off U.S. layoffs.

“While Romney sent American jobs overseas and American workers out of work, he and his partners made millions,” Cutter says in the video. “So it’s no surprise why he’s so committed to outsourcing.”

Campaign manager Jim Messina posted on Twitter Saturday a map showing that companies affiliated with Bain shipped jobs all over the world during Romney’s tenure.

Also on Saturday, Priorities USA, a super-PAC supporting Obama’s re-election bid and run by former White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton, released a new ad featuring a former employee of American Pad and Paper who was laid off when Bain bought the company.

The ad used tough language against Romney, with the worker saying he build his own “coffin” by constructing the stage from which company officials told workers they were closing the plant.

Romney’s campaign has fired back by accusing the president of “false and discredited attacks” to distract attention from his economic record.


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