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MN Democrats Walk Out During Gun Testimony

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Democrats keep saying they want to have a “discussion” on gun rights in order to pass “common sense” solutions to combat gun-violence.

So imagine my surprise when 5 Minnesota Democrats decided to march out during expert testimony from two firearms experts.

The presenter, Rob Doar, calmly, and rationally explained how the gun-control laws currently being proposed would needlessly outlaw cosmetic features which have no affect on the accuracy or rate of fire of the weapon.

Apparently, that was an inexcusable offense.

Rep. Debra Hilstrom, Rep. Shannon Savick, Rep. Dan Schoen, Rep. Erik Simonson, and Rep. Linda Slocum, all walked out of the room.

Perhaps Rep. Debra Hilstrom could have provided the insufferable presenter they invited with examples of all of the criminals inflicting additional damage due to a retractable stock that she encountered as a prosecutor.  But alas, the public was deprived her rebuttal.

As a former mayor, I assumed Rep. Shannon Savick would be used to the agony of listening to the grievances of the commoners.  With her vast knowledge of firearms, she could have provided an articulate reason as to why the presenters’ testimony was worthless.

Surely Rep. Dan Schoen has no objection to police officers using so-called “assault weapons” to protect themselves – even retired ones, such as himself.  Perhaps, due to his experience, he already knew everything presented and felt patronized by the expert.

Rep. Erik Simonson is the co-sponsor of a bill to ban “assault weapons” and “large-capacity” ammunition magazines.  His devotion to having a meaningful discussion on the effectiveness of his proposed legislation apparently ends as soon as someone attempts to have one.  Rep. Simonson’s self-described greatest qualification as a lawmaker is found in his ability to reach “common ground” between adversarial parties – unless, of course, the adversarial party actually challenges his predetermined viewpoint.

Rep. Linda Slocum is the classic irrational hoplophobe, who describes her position as “not real pro-gun.”  Quite ironic that a teacher, who likely has little knowledge of the information which was presented, decided to remain willfully ignorant, leaving the room in order to protect her naïve, unsupported views on firearms.

These representatives are contemptible cowards.  Completely unable to refute factual evidence, they couldn’t scurry out of the room fast enough.

Democrats have no intention of having a “discussion” on firearms.  They want you to shut up and turn in your guns.


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  1. […] This affront on the 2nd Amendment, if enacted, will obviously have no effect on violent crime.  However, Democrats in Minnesota have made it clear that they have no intention of discussing the effectiveness of their legislation. […]

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