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MN Democrats Push Confiscation Bill – Six Months To Surrender Your Guns

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Democrats in Minnesota have introduced legislation that commands all “assault weapons” to be surrendered, destroyed, registered with the state, or removed from the state by September 1, 2013.

Image: gunholstersandgear.com

The bill (H. F. 241) defines an “assault weapon” as any semi-automatic pistol, shotgun, or rifle with a pistol grip, telescoping stock, or a thumbhole stock, as well as other arbitrary features.

The bill provides no means of compensation for the owners of any of these lawfully purchased firearms, and calls for the prosecution of those who fail to submit to state registration.  Those who register their firearms will be subject to home inspections to assure proper storage.

The bill is authored by the following Constitution-shredding Democrats:

Image: fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com

Rep. Alice Hausman

Rep. Frank Hornstein

Rep. Erik Simonson

Rep. Jim Davnie

Rep. Linda Slocum

Rep. Rena Moran

Rep. Raymond Dehn

Rep. JoAnn Ward

Rep. Phyllis Kahn

This affront on the 2nd Amendment, if enacted, will obviously have no effect on violent crime.  However, Democrats in Minnesota have made it clear that they have no intention of discussing the effectiveness of their legislation.

The bill is modeled after a similar confiscation bill introduced in Missouri.  Gun confiscation laws have also been introduced in Washington, and Oregon.


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  1. […] Democrats have no intention of having a “discussion” on firearms.  They want you to shut up and turn in your guns. […]

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