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The Obama Strategy: Make It Painful

Here’s a picture of an “essential” government worker blockading veterans from their own memorial.

Government workers working overtime during government shut-down to blockade memorials

We all remember this, right?

The White House announced Tuesday that it is canceling tours of the president’s home for the foreseeable future as the sequester spending cuts begin to bite and the administration makes good on its warnings of painful decisions.

Announcement of the decision — made in an email from the White House Visitors Office — came hours after The Washington Times reported on another administration email that seemed to show at least one agency has been instructed to make sure the cuts are as painful as President Obama promised they would be.

The President of the United States, embittered by Republicans and refusing to negotiate, is purposely harming the American people in hopes of scoring political points.

In the words of one park ranger: “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

It certainly is.

And who better to bully than four bus-loads of WWII veterans showing up to see their own memorial?

The memorial was almost entirely funded by private donations.

National Park Service (NPS) Spokeswoman Carol Johnson, confirmed they were instructed by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to shut down the memorial .  The OMB answers directly to the president.  In fact, all of these blockaders were exempted from furlough so they could be there to stop these heroes from entering:

Thanks in part to a few members of Congress who moved the barriers, the vets made it inside.

The Park Police apparently abandoned Obama’s vet-blockade and refused to arrest a bunch of wheelchair-bound patriots.

Disgusted by the way these heroes were treated, Republicans offered legislation that would keep our national memorials and parks open.

Harry Reid blocked it.

Obama threatened to veto it:

What a petty man.

Yes, he also threatened to veto a bill that would ensure active-duty military personnel are paid during the shutdown.

You see, the people have to be punished.  It just so happens that he enjoys punishing his military.

The WWII memorial barriers have since been reinforced.

They’ve also attempted to blockade Mount Vernon, which is privately owned by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association and receives no government funding.


And the other group of Americans that must now pay their “fair share” of pain are children suffering from cancer.

Seriously.  Just watch:

Passing a short-time fix to ease the pain of children suffering from cancer is unacceptable to Obama and Reid because they don’t get what they want.

“Why would we want to do that?”


UPDATE: The Obama Administration has closed the Grand Canyon, and refuses to open it even after Arizona offered to pay for it.


Biden Has More Advice: “Just Fire The Shotgun Through The Door”

Obviously, this is terrible, terrible advice.

via: Weasel Zippers

BIDEN: Well, the way in which we measure it is—I think most scholars would say—is that as long as you have a weapon sufficient to be able to provide your self-defense,” Biden said. “I did one of these town-hall meetings on the Internet and one guy said, “Well, what happens when the end days come? What happens when there’s the earthquake? I live in California, and I have to protect myself.”

I said, “Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15, because you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door.” Most people can handle a shotgun a hell of a lot better than they can a semiautomatic weapon in terms of both their aim and in terms of their ability to deter people coming. We can argue whether that’s true or not, but it is no argument that, for example, a shotgun could do the same job of protecting you. Now, granted, you can come back and say, “Well, a machine gun could do a better job of protecting me.” No one’s arguing we should make machine guns legal.

See more at: Weasel Zippers

A heartbeat away from the presidency, folks.

MN State University Names Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers A “Visiting Scholar”

via: Washington Secrets

William Ayers, the co-founder of the violent 1960s-era Weather Underground and who later befriended Barack Obama at the University of Chicago, has been named a “visiting scholar” at Minnesota State University, continuing his transformation from radical activist to establishment leader.

Once the head of a group linked to bombings of buildings tied to the Vietnam war, including the Pentagon and Capitol, he has been invited to play a role in the school’s efforts to include social justice in class courses.  (Read More)

Here’s a recap of Bill Ayers’ most notable contribution to society:

City Wants Power To “Disarm Individuals” During Crisis

Naturally, the gun-grabbers see nothing wrong with this.

via: Washington Times

A proposed disaster emergency ordinance in Guntersville, Ala., would give police overreaching power to disarm individuals in the event of an emergency. (…)

“This is in there to protect public workers and any volunteers helping should someone become unruly — which can happen since emotions are high — that it would give an officer that authority,” the mayor told ABC 31. “It’s just there to protect people.” (Read More)

Nanny Bloomberg Bans 2-Liter Bottles of Sodas With Pizza Delivery

Having solved all the real problems in NYC…

via: New York Post

Say goodbye to that 2-liter bottle of Coke with your pizza delivery, pitchers of soft drinks at your kid’s birthday party and some bottle-service mixers at your favorite nightclub.

They’d violate Mayor Bloomberg’s new rules, which prohibit eateries from serving or selling sugary drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces. (…)

“It’s ludicrous,” said Robert Bookman, a lawyer for the New York City Hospitality Alliance. “It’s a sealed bottle of soda you can buy in the supermarket. Why can’t they deliver what you can get in the supermarket?”

Families will get pinched at kid-friendly party places, which will have to chuck their plastic pitchers because most hold 60 ounces — even though such containers are clearly intended for more than one person.  (Read More)

MN Democrats Push Confiscation Bill – Six Months To Surrender Your Guns

Democrats in Minnesota have introduced legislation that commands all “assault weapons” to be surrendered, destroyed, registered with the state, or removed from the state by September 1, 2013.

Image: gunholstersandgear.com

The bill (H. F. 241) defines an “assault weapon” as any semi-automatic pistol, shotgun, or rifle with a pistol grip, telescoping stock, or a thumbhole stock, as well as other arbitrary features.

The bill provides no means of compensation for the owners of any of these lawfully purchased firearms, and calls for the prosecution of those who fail to submit to state registration.  Those who register their firearms will be subject to home inspections to assure proper storage.

The bill is authored by the following Constitution-shredding Democrats:

Image: fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com

Rep. Alice Hausman

Rep. Frank Hornstein

Rep. Erik Simonson

Rep. Jim Davnie

Rep. Linda Slocum

Rep. Rena Moran

Rep. Raymond Dehn

Rep. JoAnn Ward

Rep. Phyllis Kahn

This affront on the 2nd Amendment, if enacted, will obviously have no effect on violent crime.  However, Democrats in Minnesota have made it clear that they have no intention of discussing the effectiveness of their legislation.

The bill is modeled after a similar confiscation bill introduced in Missouri.  Gun confiscation laws have also been introduced in Washington, and Oregon.

Restricted Speech Zones

The “Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011” (HR 347) may not be a particularly insidious piece of legislation in and of itself, but it does make it easier for the government to abuse it’s power.

To be clear, HR 347 did not create any new laws.  It simply amended a trespass law originally passed in 1971.

That trespass law, still in effect, makes certain temporary locations restricted where individuals under Secret Service protection are present.  Certain conduct within these restricted areas which would “disrupt the orderly conduct of Government,” is a criminal offense.

As the ACLU points out, the passage of HR 347 makes it easier for the government to convict these “disrupters”:

Under the original language of the law, you had to act “willfully and knowingly” when committing the crime. In short, you had to know your conduct was illegal. Under H.R. 347, you will simply need to act “knowingly,” which here would mean that you know you’re in a restricted area, but not necessarily that you’re committing a crime.

The president should be able to give a speech without being interrupted by protestors.  But with every reasonable allowance, there is always the possibility that it can be abused.