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Gov. Jan Brewer: Unbelievable They Would Thwart Opinion Of Supreme Court

Barack The Lawless answers to no mere court.


Federal Hotline Set Up On Arizona Immigration, Levin Sounds Off

Good grief.

via: Fox News

WASHINGTON –  The Justice Department has set up a hotline for the public to report potential civil rights concerns regarding the Arizona law that requires police to check the immigration status of those they stop for other reasons.

The hotline phone number is 1-855-353-1010. The email is: SB1070(at)usdoj.gov.

The Supreme Court unanimously approved Arizona’s “show-me-your-papers” requirement on Monday but struck down provisions that created state crimes allowing local police to arrest people for federal immigration violations.


Mark Levin Sounds Off: “Obama is now at war with state and local law enforcement”

Marco Rubio Discusses Immigration On ‘The View’

Joy Behar provides a nice laugh-line at around 4 minutes.

Mark Levin Analyzes Ruling On AZ Immigration Law

Mark talks about the ruling today.



H/T Rightscoop

Sheriff Joe Arpiao Talks AZ Ruling On Cavuto

Supreme Court OK’s Key Part of AZ Immigration Law

This may be a good week.

via: Politico

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a constitutional challenge to a central provision of Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law, clearing the path for similar legislation to take effect in other states and potentially angering Latinos in a way that could give President Barack Obama an added boost from Hispanic voters in November.

That provision, requiring police to conduct immigration checks on individuals they arrest or merely stop for questioning whom they suspect are in the U.S. illegally, does not appear to violate the Constitution by intruding on the federal government’s powers to control immigration, the court said.

All eight justices who ruled on the case voted to allow the mandatory immigration-check requirement to go into effect. They split on three other disputed provisions of the law, with a majority of the justices ruling that each of those parts of the law could not be enforced because they intruded improperly into a policy sphere reserved to the federal government. Justice Elena Kagan did not participate in the ruling.

The justices said further legal challenges to the mandatory immigration check provision can go forward after that part of the law takes effect.