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Krauthammer: Obama Intent On Not Enforcing Immigration Law

It certainly appears that way.


Obama Admin Announces AZ Immigration Enforcement Cutback

Barack The Lawless.

via: TheDC

President Barack Obama’s deputies announced Monday they are further reducing immigration enforcement in Arizona.

The surprise announcement came shortly after the Supreme Court decided that Arizona has the constitutional right to quiz suspected illegal immigrants about their legal right to be in the country.

“This isn’t an end-run [around the Supreme Court], this is a complete disregard of the constitutional process,” said Horace Cooper, director of the National Center for Public Policy Research. The court authorized Arizona’s actions, and the administration is going out of its way to frustrate those actions, he said.

“This is a direct rejection of the idea that our constitutional system set the Supreme Court up to answer these kind questions,” he said.

“If they’re doing less [with Arizona] than they would do with other other states, that’s not legitimate,” said Curt Levey, president of the Committee for Justice, a libertarian advocacy group.

Congress will push back hard, and the Supreme Court may hold a special session before the election to show its opposition to the administration’s “reckless and lawless” policy, Cooper predicted.

“I do think the public will be outraged to hear that this president thinks he is above the responsibility of implementing the law,” he said.

Krauthammer Calls Obama’s De-Facto Amnesty ‘Naked lawlessness’

He’s right, of course.

via: Washington Post

Obama’s amnesty-by-fiat: Naked lawlessness — Charles Krauthammer

“With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations [of immigrants brought here illegally as children] through executive order, that’s just not the case, because there are laws on the books that Congress has passed.”

— President Obama, March 28, 2011

Those laws remain on the books. They have not changed. Yet Obama last week suspended these very deportations — granting infinitely renewable “deferred action” with attendant work permits — thereby unilaterally rewriting the law. And doing precisely what he himself admits he is barred from doing.

Obama had tried to change the law. In late 2010, he asked Congress to pass the Dream Act, which offered a path to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants. Congress refused.

When subsequently pressed by Hispanic groups to simply implement the law by executive action, Obama explained that it would be illegal. “Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own. . . . But that’s not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions. That’s not how our Constitution is written.”

That was then. Now he’s gone and done it anyway. It’s obvious why. The election approaches and his margin is slipping. He needs a big Hispanic vote and this is the perfect pander. After all, who will call him on it? A supine press? Congressional Democrats? Nothing like an upcoming election to temper their Bush 43-era zeal for defending Congress’s exclusive Article I power to legislate.

With a single Homeland Security Department memo, the immigration laws no longer apply to 800,000 people. By what justification? Prosecutorial discretion, says Janet Napolitano.

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Geraldo Rivera: Americans “Would Rather Live Next Door To A Child Molester, Than An Illegal Alien”

Every so often Geraldo likes to remind everyone that he is indeed a raving lunatic.

And yes, he did say Romney wouldn’t allow a latino inside of his house.

Defiant: Sheriff Joe Arpiao Says He Will Not Follow New ‘Amnesty’ Policy

Who woulda thought the ‘toughest sheriff in America’ would have a problem with blatant lawlessness?

via: The Daily Caller

Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a vocal critic of the Obama administration, says he will not follow the Obama administration’s new policy that will allow as many as 800,000 illegal immigrants to remain in the United States legally.

Arpaio told ABC 15 the move “seems to be politically motivated.”

“I would rather see the president let the Congress decide what to do with this issue and other illegal immigration problems,” he said.

Arpaio said he will continue to uphold state immigration laws, which have been criticized for their severity, prompting the Justice Department to sue the state of Arizona.

Obama Scolds Daily Caller Reporter During Immigration Speech

“It is the right thing to do…” Because I say so.

The reporter is Neil Munro of the the Daily Caller.

Even Pro-Amnesty Lindsey Graham Says Obama Immigration Move ‘Possibly Illegal’

And unwise at best.

via: CNS News

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) took to Twitter Friday to attack President Obama’s move to grant effective amnesty to young illegal immigrants:

He was among the first lawmakers to react to the surprise announcement.

“President Obama’s attempt to go around Congress and the American people is at best unwise and possibly illegal,” he tweeted.

Graham, a former Air Force prosecutor, said the move, “regardless of motivation, will entice people to break our laws.”

While Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano insisted the program “is not amnesty,” other senior administration officials admitted that the program will stop illegal immigrants from being deported, even if a judge has already ordered it.

On the same Friday conference call in which Napolitano said the program was not amnesty, the senior administration official said that the program would eliminate some illegal immigrants from the “universe of people subject to immigration enforcement.”

In other words, the program would prevent some illegals from being deported – effectively granting them amnesty.