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Sen. Sessions Offers Impossible Challenge To Senate: Defend Obama’s Budget Claim

Obviously, there were no takers.

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WASHINGTON, June 14–Sen. Sessions, Ranking Member of the Budget Committee, spoke on the floor to address the claim from President Obama that his budget proposal would “pay down our long-term debt.” In May, President Obama said he was “running to pay down the debt.” An aide also said, advancing the speech, that the President’s plan “pays down our debt in a way that’s balanced.” In reality, the President’s budget produces $11 trillion in gross federal debt and increases spending by $1.5 trillion.


WH Disputes Documents That Show Obama Joined Socialist ‘New Party’ In 90’s

The documents are obviously racist.

via: Breitbart

This week the White House decided to double-down on a claim about the President’s past involvement in a social democratic party in the mid-90s. In 2008 when Stanley Kurtz first raised the issue, the campaign labeled it a “crackpot smear.” Now, despite two newly discovered documents that prove Obama joined the New Party in 1996, the White House is still maintaining Obama was not a member. 

The two documents were dug up by Stanley Kurtz last week and published at Buzzfeed yesterday. As previously reported, minutes of a January 11, 1996 meeting plainly state that Obama attended, spoke, answered questions, asked for an endorsement, signed a “Candidate Contract” and “joined the New Party.” Here’s the document.

Krauthammer: Obama “Believes Big Government Is The Answer To Every Problem”

Of course he does.

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via: RCP

“What I think the president is portraying with this statement where he says about the public sector workers is his belief they are equivalent to private sector jobs,” syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said about President Obama’s comment last week, calling the private sector doing fine. “If you have, say, the private sector is okay or somewhat stalled and you want to buff it up increasing the number of the government bureaucrats who are hired and that’s really what he believes.”

“Whereas a private sector job is job where the government doesn’t have to put a penny in and it gets revenue from the taxes, where the public sector job is somebody who lives entirely off other people who are working, off their taxes. It’s hugely different. We can see in Europe the meltdown of the council members from Greece to Portugal, Spain and Italy, which hugely expanded the public sector as a way to provide employment and they are in collapse,” Krauthammer said on FOX News tonight.

“But this is what he believes. Now he will say on the stump as you showed in the sound bite, oh yes, if he is hit on debt and deficit, ‘I’m a guy who wants to shrink government.’ That’s obviously a contradiction and I think it’s obviously insincere. He believes big government is the answer to just about every problem, including employment,” Krauthammer said on the panel segment of “Special Report.”

Obama Admits Economy Is Crap-tastic Under His Watch

As expected, he calls for taking more money out of the private sector: (WATCH)

via: NYT

President Obama on Friday afternoon backed away from his earlier comments that the “private sector is doing fine,” telling reporters that he does not believe the economy is doing fine.

“That’s precisely why I asked Congress to start taking some steps that can make a difference,” Mr. Obama said in brief remarks to reporters during a meeting with the visiting Philippines president.

Republicans had seized on comments Mr. Obama made during an earlier news conference, in which he repeatedly made the point that hiring at private businesses is doing well, while hiring by state and local government is not.

“The private sector is doing fine,” Mr. Obama said at the news conference.

But by later in the day, Mr. Obama had decided to emphasize that he does not believe that the overall economy is doing fine, as Republicans were trying to suggest.

“Listen, it is absolutely clear the economy is not doing fine,” he said. He suggested that Republicans had misstated his words from earlier in the day.